Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Welcome Back!

K-2 TD groups will not be meeting this week, instead, I've invited every K-2 class to come to my classroom for a "Best of 2018" read aloud celebrating some of my favorite books of the year.  I'm looking forward to welcoming back all of our younger kids for a fun celebration of stories.

3PA will begin our exploration of Ancient Egypt today.  The class will be watching a documentary film that explains the complexity of how and why the Great Pyramid of Giza was created.  We will learn about the Pharaoh Khufu and his significance in the pyramids.  The film is based on a book titled Pyramid by David Macaulay, and when we finish the film, the kids will all get a copy of the book to begin reading. 
Image result for pyramid by david macaulay  

4PA will meet Langston Hughes this week as we begin a short unit on The Harlem Renaissance.  The class will spend most of the week using a poetry analysis process called SIFT (symbols, images, figurative language, and tone and theme).  The class will be reading "Freedom's Plow", "Harlem", and "I, Too Sing America" and discussing the poems at length.  We might have time to begin writing a poem inspired by "Harlem" later in the week. 
Image result for langston hughes

5PA will get back to work researching the pros and cons of using GMO's in our crops.  We will also be discussing the Capstone and moving into the next part of this journey, developing practical solutions of how to fix the problem they are researching.  

My Wish for my Students