Monday, February 25, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 2-25

KTD Lit met today to begin a study of spoonerisms using the book Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein. A spoonerism is when you swap the first letter of two words to create a nonsense word.  We will be reading and translating some poems together for the next few weeks using this classic. 
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KTD Math will learn a game using playing cards called "Along The Way" that involves strategy and estimation.  I'll send home a few extra game boards with the kids so you can play along at home.

1st grade Creativity Development will meet for the last week of every month for the rest of the school year.  We had a few new friends join the 1TD group for an activity that is not literature based, but does require out of the box creative thinking. Our first project is to create a creature that could live inside of an active volcano.  What would it eat? What adaptations would it need?  What would it look like? Teams of kids will be sharing their brainstorming that we did today to collaborate on creating a new species.

2TD just lost Augustus Gloop.  We hope he doesn't get turned into fudge, not a flavor we thought would work well.  The kids are reading with such expression and joy.  Today, Max even sang the first Oompa Loompa song as he read.  This book is perfect for this group of readers.

3PA began work on their Google Slides comparing Ancient Egyptian life to modern times.  The kids are researching a wide variety of topics including family life, clothing, food, farming, religion, sports, entertainment, games and more to see how we are alike and different from this civilization.  The kids should also be working on this project at home.  

4PA began organizing an essay about what happened to Adam Moore today.  We looked at the notes everyone took during the reading of this story.  Some kids have ten full pages of notes, amazing.  I have the full text of the book linked on the website for everyone to reference when doing this writing.  After we looked at the notes, we organized them into 12 categories: 
1. The accident

2. In the hospital

3. Recovery

4. Wonderfully, horrible people

5. Emotional state and symptoms

6. Help from others/Support

7. Going home

8. Obstacles

9. School (parts one and two)

10. Back and forth

11. Changes

12. Back to normal

We developed these categories and put them in order to help structure the essay into 12 paragraphs. We will be working on this in class, a due date will be set early next week.

5PA spent Monday working on their Capstone projects, and kids seem to be in a good place. It is now an expectation for all of the kids to work on their projects for one hour, two days each week. On Tuesday, we will begin a unit on autobiographies written by authors of children's literature. I have about nine different titles to choose from. Everyone will get an annotation guide and the rubric for the final project this week.

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