Monday, March 11, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 3-11

KTD Math will try to tackle a very involved logic problem with me this week.  The goal is to build stamina with this logic problem that involves figuring our how many, and what types of animals escaped from a zoo.  

KTD Literacy will continue our work with spoonerisms and the poems of Runny Babbit.  Last week we even wrote a few of our own and figured out our "Runny Babbit" names.

1TD will be reading picture books, looking for examples of three types of symbiotic relationships: mutualism + +, parasitism + -, and commensalism + 0.  Last week, we learned about the three types, and had a shared reading experience with the picture book Mr. Peabody's Apples. 

2TD will finish reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Monday.  Tuesday, the kids will use their extensive notes on the five main characters, to create a large poster showing the five kids in the novel and identifying their specific character traits. 

3PA has one more day in class to finish their Egyptian Life slide shows.  These need to be completed by the time PA begins on Tuesday.  Then, we will be exploring the Valley of the Kings, using The Theban Mapping Project website.  This site has all 62 tombs discovered in the valley, giving details about the architecture, artifacts, and layout of each tomb.

4PA needs to finish their Broken Arrow Boy essay today, it is due tomorrow.  The rest of our week will be spent making a model of the human brain.  There are a few interactive brain maps linked on the website for the kids to use for this project and I have several books in the classroom to use.  I will give everyone a blank brain diagram, and the students will need to label the parts of the brain, select a color that represents the function of each part, and create a symbol that shows what each part is responsible for.  

5PA has been busy reading an annotating their autobiographies.  This week, we will finish up the autobiography and begin reading a work of fiction written by the same author to see how the life of the author makes its way into the tales they create.  We will also be working on the Capstone project.  

My Wish for my Students