Monday, April 8, 2019

5PA Capstone Due Dates

Last week, the fifth graders and I mapped out the final stages of the Capstone project. We spent an hour going over all parts of the project and all questions were answered.  The kids all have the rubric with the expectations and the notes they took about specific details. Here are the due dates:

4-18 research is due and resource inventory shared with Mr. Schumann.

Quality and Depth of Information: Information in your research showed a strong knowledge and understanding of the topic.
Quality of Sources:
Your sources were varied, respectable, and reflect a range of media.
Quantity of Sources: Your bibliography and research log reflect an understanding of the value of using a variety of sources on your topic.

5-16 Visual needs to be complete and shared with Mr. Schumann.

Relevant to Topic: The visuals in your presentation reflect a complete understanding of the theme of your research.
Engages the Audience: Your visual is dynamic, captures the attention of the group, and draws them into your research.
Inspirational: The visual inspires the audience to your idea to impact the world.
Quality of Visual: The visuals selected show a mature understanding of the topic.

5-16 Progress log and bibliographies are due.

Implementation Plan is due the day of the presentation.  Days will be assigned for the last week of May.

Realistic: Your plan has a realistic timeline and the sequence is accurate.
Comprehensive: The plan takes the group from the catalyst to full realization of your idea.
             Evidence from Research: Your plan reflects the research completed with respect to the logistics,                           resources, and materials needed for implementation of your idea.

5-16 Summary is due, in 14 font, shared with Mr. Schumann. 

Clearly Identifies the Problem: Your summary clearly identifies the problem in a clear and complete fashion.
Research is Evident: Your summary is consistently supported with evidence from your research to support your thinking.
Credible Solution: Your summary shows evidence of your thoughtful reflection on the topic to develop a solution that is possible.
  Impact System: Your summary illustrates how your idea will impact a global system in a positive way. 

My Wish for my Students