Monday, April 15, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 4-15

KTD Lit will be discussing writing stories this week.  We will be reading the book Also An Octopus, a great book that shows all stories begin the same way...with a little bit of nothing. 
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KTD Math will play the game 101 and Out.  This is a dice game that uses addition and a copy will come home for the kids to play with you. 

1TD will read the book Animal Ark by Kwame Alexander this week.  The kids will be writing poems about animals based on the poetry in the story and photos from the National Geographic book Photo Ark
Image result for animal ark by kwame alexanderThe Photo Ark by Joel Sartore, A National Geographic Book
2TD continues with James and the Giant Peach this week.  The peach is currently in the ocean with no land in sight.  

3PA will take a break from Ancient Egypt this week to explore a topic that came up when we were exploring the Great Pyramids.  The seven wonders of the ancient world.  The kids will have the week to create a visual of some kind that identifies the seven wonders and some of the interesting facts about them.  
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4PA will continue to develop their brain disorder slide shows. Our focus this week will be reading testimonials of people with the disorders and their family members.  I want the kids to tell a human story in their presentations, not just rattle off facts about the disorder.  They need to make it real by sharing all of their research through the eyes of those impacted by the disorder. We will set a due date for this project this week. 

5PA will start the week by discussing how growth promotes change.  We will be watching parts of a NOVA documentary on the Hubble telescope to get the conversation started.  The kids will also have two days for Capstone work.  

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