Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone.  I hope a restful spring break was had by all.  Here is what we will be working on during our short first week of 4th quarter.

KTD Lit be be seeing me in one large group this Friday to play a game using the dictionary, listening to clues about words, figuring out what word the clue points to, and then finding the word in the dictionary.  First team to shout out the page number gets a point.  We did this once before and the kids had a blast and did really great thinking. 

KTD Math will meet on Wednesday to have a whole group flash card battle using addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.  Teams will compete in several rounds featuring progressively more challenging facts.

1st Creativity Development will imagine what might crawl out of a broken crayon this week.  Inspired by illustrator Debbie Ohi, these pictures will show the potential hidden inside a single crayon.  The kids will be seeing me all three days this week. 
Image result for broken crayon art OhiImage result for broken crayon art Ohi

2TD started off James and the Giant Peach before break, and they continue to do a beautiful job developing fluency, dissecting characters, drawing parallels between this novel and Charlie, going deeper into different perspectives, and discussing predictions about where this adventure will take us. 

3PA will only meet on Wednesday and Friday this week.  Thursday, the kids will be working in their classrooms on tutorials for next week's IAR testing.  There are several tutorials the classes need to go through to make sure all of the kids are comfortable with the online format of the different tests that will be administered next week.  During our time, we will create cartouches of our names using hieroglyphics. 
Image result for cartouche
4PA will begin exploratory research on different neurological disorders this week for a research project we will be working on for the next several weeks. Under the "4PA Neuroscience" section of the website, I have dozens different disorders for the kids to explore.  The final project will be a TED style talk, that will inform the group about the disorder, how it is diagnosed, current research being done on the disorder, and, most importantly, sharing it through the eyes of people who have the disorder.  We will be "humanizing" the research by focusing on telling stories of people's lives, not regurgitating facts.

5PA will present their final autobiography group projects today.  The class did a stellar job linking the lives of the authors they read about to the fiction that the authors wrote and I am looking forward to seeing their final projects today.  On Thursday, we will create a timeline for the final quarter of the Capstone project.  We will develop a week by week "to do" list that will ease anxiety and have concrete dates to complete the final stages of this project we have been working on since October.  I will post the timeline on the site on Thursday after we meet.

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