Friday, May 3, 2019

PA and TD or the Week of May 6th

KTD Math will be playing a dice game version of Connect Four.  The kids will each get one die, roll it, and then double the number.  I have a grid with the numbers 2-12, and first person to get four numbers in a row wins.  I made extra copies to send home.

KTD Lit will explore two nonfiction articles next week about biomes and biodiversity.  A biome is simply a habitat or region of the Earth.  We will learn about the six types of biomes on Earth and why biodiversity is so important for the health of the planet.

1TD explored life on the space station last week, and this week we will be reading different articles about dream jobs.  What is it like to be a digit artist at Disney?  How about being an astronaut, or an ocean explorer?  I have several jobs for the kids to read about and discuss.

2TD will finish James and the Giant Peach next week, we will discuss the novel and compare it to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during the first half of the week.  The second half of the week, the kids will be picking a Roald Dahl book of their choice from my library, or from the LMC to read with a partner.  The kids will be looking for connective threads between all three Dahl books for our final project of the year. 

3PA will be studying the mythology of the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt this week.  The kids will each research eight deities of their choice during our time together for a project we will finish the year with.

4PA will explore the idea of memory this week.  What is memory? What types of memory exist?  Why do we remember some things and forget others?  The neurological disorder projects were very good last week.  The kids put a lot of time and energy into their work.

5PA will have the whole week to work on the visual for their Capstone, their speeches, and the summary.  Most of the class is 80% done, and I have had check in meetings with every student to monitor their progress and help guide them in the final stages of this endeavor.  The Capstone projects will be presented during the school day on May 30th.  The 5PA kids will be with me all day so we can all celebrate the work that has taken the whole year to complete.  I will be posting the schedule of when each student will present, and parents are invited to come and watch.  

My Wish for my Students