Monday, September 23, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 9-23

Kindergarten classes will celebrate Dot Day on Tuesday, so everyone should wear dots to school.  I will be finishing up making dots with all the K classes this week, and should begin small groups next week. 

1st and 2nd grade classes will not be coming to my classroom this week, but I will be going to their classrooms. I will be visiting all of the classes during their guided reading time to read with small groups. Small group Talent Development will begin next week. 

3PA will continue reading The Green Book this week.  We will be discussing the resources available on Shine and what the families are going to need to do to survive in this strange new world. 

4PA will finish reading the short novel The Mozart Question on Monday.  The kids will then work in teams looking for connections between this story and "The Power of Light" that we finished reading last week.  Later in the week, we will begin to read The Secret Garden.  This is a wonderful story, rich with figurative language, and I am excited to begin our journey.
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett - Used (Good, missing dust jacket) - 0879236493 by DRG Publishing |

5PA surprised me last week with our first Socratic Seminar on "All Summer in a Day" because we spent three days discussing the story.  The class really went deep, spending one hour on just one question comparing William to Margot.  Because of this, our week will be spent dicing into "The Rocket" and "A Sound of Thunder" also by Ray Bradbury.  

My Wish for my Students