Tuesday, September 3, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 9-3

Kindergarten whole classes will continue our author study on Peter Reynolds this week.  We will be reading Ish and Happy Dreamer.  I'll be asking the classes to look for things these two books have in common with The Dot which we explored last week. 
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First grade whole classes will be coming to my room to create their own page for an alphabet book similar to the story we read last week, The Z Was Zapped. 

Second grade whole classes will be coming to my room to continue to read books by Chris Van Allsburg, specifically trying to find connective threads that run throughout all of the books we have read so far. 

3PA will discuss "Shells" by Cynthia Rylant, a short story we read last week.  The group will be focused on the different types of change that they found, and we will extract the theme of the text.  Groups will be creating webs based on the theme and answering a few complex questions about the story. 

4PA did a great job last week learning about different elements of literary analysis using the poem "Birdfoot's Grandpa."  This week, we will be reading a poem titled "Famous" to extend our understanding of literary analysis.  The kids will all complete a "SIFT" organizer for this poem: Symbols, Images, Figurative language,  and Tone and Theme.  By Friday, kids should be ready to write their own version of this poem. 

5PA did some great thinking using The Collector of Moments last week.  The group has a three paragraph writing assignment that they worked on in class, but finishing up is homework on Wednesday night.  It needs to be shared with me by the time PA starts on Thursday.  Kids will be working in small groups to create a color, symbol, and image that best capture the essence of the book.  On Friday, I will introduce the students to Ray Bradbury, an author we will be reading for several weeks.  
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