Tuesday, October 22, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 10-21

KTD Literature explored the world of clouds in David Weisner's book Sector 7. It's amazing how much detail the kids were able to extract from a wordless picture book.  On the last page, we met a character we will be reading about next week.
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KTD Math will be using five consecutive counting numbers to make a magic cross this week.  A magic cross will give a student the same sum, adding three numbers horizontally and vertically.  We will start with index cards with the numbers 1-5...but the challenge will continue with different combinations and larger consecutive numbers.  
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First grade TD will be reading two different stories during their time with me this week to determine if one, both, or none are fairy tales.  We will read a version of The Sword and the Stone and Little Bear's Visit.  I will also continue to meet with kids for reading conferences using books from their book boxes. 
Little Bear's Visit by Else Holmelund Minarik - Used (Good) - 0808527363 by Perfection Learning Corporation | Thriftbooks.com
Second grade TD switched groups on Monday and eight new kids are going to be evaluating past winners of the Caldecott medal and reading many books published in 2019 to pick a winner from this small group.  In three weeks, both groups will merge for a debate on what book should be given this year's medal and honor medal. 
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3PA finally got to the secret supply place in The Girl Who Owned a City.  The kids and I will continue to read this novel together and look for examples of change, and we will begin to make plans of our own, imagining if this virus really did spread around the world.
The Girl Who Owned a City (ebook)
4PA needs to finish reading The Secret Garden by Friday.  The class is continuing to examine Mary's evolution and look for examples of symbolism and metaphors in the text.  Next week, we will begin discussing the layers in the book, the characters, the house, and in the garden.  Get ready for a watercolor paining project as well.  The kids have been planning this as they have read the text so far.  

5PA will conclude our very vibrant discussions on the Ray Bradbury stories we have read over the past weeks.  The students will also be using their passion examiners for their Capstone project to write a brief proposal for their idea to make the world a better place by Friday. 

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