Tuesday, October 29, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 10-28

KTD Lit will have two days with me this week as we explore creative thinking using the books Not a Box and Not a Stick. The students will be re thinking what shapes and lines can be, and making new creations using their creativity and imaginations. 
Not a Box; Board Book; Author - Antoinette PortisNot a Stick; Hardcover; Author - Antoinette Portis

KTD Math will be working with addition and strategic thinking this week as we make more magic crosses using consecutive counting numbers to create identical vertical and horizontal sums using five note cards.  

1TD is headed to the library to replenish books boxes with more challenging texts for independent reading in the classroom.  We will also be story mapping one of my favorite picture books Creepy Carrots. The format of the story map is called "Claps" for characters, location, action, problem, and solution.  
Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds - Used (Good) - 054578042X by Scholastic Inc. | Thriftbooks.com
2TD is in full swing with round two of students exploring picture books published in 2019 in contention for the Caldecott Medal.  The kids are evaluating and judging the illustrations and the text using the criteria used by the Caldecott committee. 

3PA is more than half way done with the novel The Girl Who Owned a City.  We will continue to evaluate changes happening in the text, and discuss how Lisa has become a catalyst for change in her neighborhood.

4PA has finished The Secret Garden!!! This week, teams of kids will be charting examples of symbolism and metaphors on table sized Post-it notes placed around the room.  These will be used for a Socratic Seminar early next week.  The conversations I overheard yesterday as students pulled examples from the text show a very detailed understanding of this complex text. The 4PA students will also be working on writing an article about one of the characters in the novel, but set 20 years in the future.  

5PA will begin work on a TED Talk this week about a young person who was a catalyst for change in their community and made a positive impact on a system for good.  I have a list of 22 change agents that will serve as a jumping off point for the students, but they can research any young person who has made a change for good in their community.  Yesterday, all the students got a research organizer, a TED Talk guide, and there are examples of talks on the PA website.  We will be working on this project for the next two weeks or so, and presenting their five minute presentations in class.  
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