Monday, October 7, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 10-7

KTD Literature will actually read Free Fall this week, a wordless picture book, and complete a story map in pairs about the story.

KTD Math will be working on doubling numbers on dice while playing a connect four type of game. 

1TD will start the week learning about the elements that make a fairy tale a fairy tale.  After brainstorming a list of what they know about the genre, I will add to what they develop, and we will begin reading a variety of stories to see if they match the criteria. 

2TD did a fantastic job reading past winners of the Caldecott Medal and discussing why each book was worthy of the prize.  This week, we will be reading contenders for the 2019 medal and evaluating them using the Caldecott criteria.  
The Proudest Blue (ebook) The Undefeated (ebook)Image result for a stone sat still
3PA has designed an invention that will make life easier for the people of Shine, interviewed a classmate for input, and used that input to refine their ideas.  This week, the kids will create their invention and share it with the group.

4PA is doing an amazing job with The Secret Garden.  We will continue to read this week and take notes on Mary, Martha, Dickon, Colin, imagery, symbolism, and metaphors we find in the text.

5PA will have some time to complete their essays on "The Veldt" this week and we will read one more Ray Bradbury story.  "August 2026, There Will Come Soft Rains" is our final story, so the kids will be working on writing open questions about all of the stories we have read by this iconic author for a Socratic Seminar. On Thursday, we will begin The Capstone project. The first step is to examine what the kids are passionate about. Many more steps to come, but for the remainder of the year, Thursday will be Capstone Day. 
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