Monday, November 18, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 11-18

KTD Lit will focus on sensory images and personification in stories during a shared reading of The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. 

KTD Math will spend another week with the visual perception game SET.  This is a card game that focuses on patterns, shapes, numbers, colors, and how the shapes are filled.  It is a great family game and the kids caught on pretty quickly last week.

1TD will all be adding books to their book boxes this week, but one book is going to have a main character that is very different than the student reading it. We will be celebrating diversity and learning how to give a book commercial, a quick two minute book talk that will be shared with the group.  

2TD is now a pretty large group of 17, the two smaller groups merged last week.  We are doing more of a reading workshop model now where students are reading self selected texts, conferencing with me, and journaling about a specific topic, this week the theme of the text or the central idea of the text will be the topic of our journals.  

3PA is reading a classic story from 1843, Hans Christian Andersen's "The Ugly Duckling" as a way to discuss identity.  How is the duckling's identity shaped by the interactions he has with different characters?  The kids will be developing a storyboard with captions showing how his identity developed. 

4PA will complete our work with The Secret Garden this week with a watercolor painting project showing the garden when it was barren, growing, and in full splendor.  Each painting will be paired with a quote from the story and include visuals that reflect some of the symbolism and metaphors we found in the text. 

5PA will finish their TED talks on Monday, work on our capstone projects on Thursday, and the rest of the week we will be reading a chapter from Little Women looking at how Jo was able to impact many systems in her family. 

My Wish for my Students