Monday, December 16, 2019

PA and TD for the Week of 12-16

KTD Lit will be playing a game I call "Dictionary Dash" this week.  Pairs will use dictionaries in a race to find different words based on clues I give the group.  

KTD Math will be using laminated hexagons to break apart the number 100 into as many math problems they can think of. All of the hexagons connect into a large hive showing how many ways the kids can think of to show the number 100. 

1TD will continue reading with me this week, and discussing the books they check out for their book boxes. Last week, the group discussed books with diverse characters, comparing how we were similar and different from the kids we read about.

2TD has done a great job with our reading workshop model.  This week, we will continue to read books selected by the students, and discuss them in reading conferences.  We have also been working on giving book commercials during our time, creating a community of readers.  It's nice to see kids getting excited about a book a classmate has enjoyed and then reading it based on the recommendation. 

3PA will finish up our poetry theme project this week. The kids found some interesting poems to pair with all the stories we have read this semester.  The rest of our time will be spent working on a project that focuses on the identity of each student.  Kids will be bringing in five items that that represent their identity, writing a paragraph about each item, and sharing them with the group. 

4PA will finish reading their contemporary Newbery winning novel this week, and we will compare it to Call it Courage which won the prize in 1941. I am looking forward to our discussion on how literature for children has evolved from the 40's. 

5PA asked last week to focus all of our time in class this week on their Capstone research, and I agreed to give them the whole week to work on their projects to make the world a better place. 

Have a wonderful winter break! I'll see you in 2020!!

My Wish for my Students