Thursday, February 27, 2020

PA and TD for the Week of 3-2

KTD Math will be using hexagons to skip count by 3's and 4's this week.  We will also be using counting by different numbers to discuss multiplication and begin learning what multiply really means. 

KTD Lit used Scrabble tiles last week to learn about nouns and create as many nouns as possible with a team.  This week, we will be discussing verbs, and have another word battle. 

1TD will bring their Chrome Books to my room this week to do an activity with Pebble Go.  We will be reading different biographies and creating T charts to show what information is important versus what information is just interesting in the text.

2TD will take a break from reading this week and work on something called blackout poetry.  The kids will all get different pages from old chapter books.  The key is to find the words to leave to write a poem, and cross out the words that are unnecessary.  It's going to require a lot of reading a rereading, and in the end it will look something like this...
Image result for blackout poetry
3PA has a goal of finishing their Pyramid slide shows by Friday.  The work they are doing is really higher level stuff and the best part is the pride they have in the work so far.  They asked me last week if they could present them in the homerooms because they wanted to show their classmates what they have learned so far about Egypt. I asked the third grade team, and they will all be presenting their work to their classmates.  We have also learned a lot about what collaborating truly means, how to listen to and hear what a partner is saying, and how to blend ideas in a final product. 

4PA will be presenting their neurological disorder projects beginning on Friday, so this is the final week to work on this research project.  The kids will need to practice several times as homework this week.  Once the slides and scripts are completed it is really important to run through the ten minute presentation several times.  This will likely be the longest presentation they have given, and the class knows that ten minutes is the target. 

5PA has finished the autobiography work, but many of my friends did not share their responses to three questions they were given, and several did not do their best on this work.  I would encourage you to look at what your son or daughter turned in and see my comments at the end. Some friends might want to try again for homework this week and share their revised work with me.  This week, we will be working with a fiction text written by the author they have learned about, work on Capstones on Thursday, and Friday, we will have a surprise thanks to Mason's suggestion.  

Thursday, February 13, 2020

4PA Seeing Sound: How Synesthesia Can Change Our Thinking | Annie Dickinson ...

HBO "I Have Tourettes But Tourette Doesnt Have Me" 4PA

Chris Rosati, man with ALS, pens "Note to Self"

On the Road: Grand theft donut, 4PA

PA and TD for the Week of 2-18

I apologize for not updating the website last week, the flu has been running through Brookdale, and it ran into me.  Here is what we will be doing next week in PA and TD.

KTD Literature will read the book Perfect by Max Amato.  We will talk about how making mistakes is just another way to learn things and creating a fun picture using big pink erasers!
Image result for perfect book by max amato
KTD Math will be working on estimation using two different three act video problems.  First we will try to estimate how many small bottles of ketchup can be filled by a whole bottle, and then we will try to extend patterns using post-it notes using mental estimation.  then, the kids will all build the pattern with their own post it notes to see if their estimations were correct.

1TD will use their imaginations next week as we discuss all the things that can pour out of a broken crayon.  We will use the pictures the kids create for an upcoming writing lesson as well.  We will also go to the LMC to fill up book boxes.  I am so excited to see the growth in their choices in what texts they want to check out.  

2TD has shown a lot of growth over the last few weeks.  They have been working in teams on posters of lesser known civil rights activists, and we talked a lot about revising, organizing, and listening to their partner's ideas.  It was a nice evolution to see.  This week, we will be generating a list of long words they know, with as many letters that they can think of.  Teams will pick two of the words to write a "Lemonade" poem, a poem where all of the words in the poem have to be squeezed from the big words, and the poem needs to be all about the big word.  This activity was inpired by the book Lemonade and Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word which we will be reading as well.
Image result for lemonade and other poems
3PA has been doing a wonderful job researching many parts of Ancient Egypt and the Pyramids at Giza.  Pairs of students are now using all of their newly learned information to create a Google Slide Show.  I am very impressed with how well they are following the only direction I gave them for this project, organize it as a story.  The show should take the audience on a journey that follows a narrative and the organization of the ideas should be logical.  I am excited to see them continue their adventures through the world of Ancient Egypt.

4PA began doing some exploratory research on different neurological disorders last week.  This week, each student will select one of the three disorders they explored to go deeper into researching.  This research project will not be about the disorder, simply stating facts and checking requirements off of a list.  Instead, the kids will tell stories about the people and families affected by the disorder and share the facts and statistics through the eyes of people who have the disorder.  We have watched a few stories in class, and they made quite an impact.  I shared the story of one man who was diagnosed with ALS, but wanted the end of his life to be about kindness, so he drove around in a Krispie Kreme bus and gave donuts to people and spoke to them about kindness.  I've posted the clip above. 

5PA has been reading an annotating their autobiographies and are doing a fantastic job.  This week, we will finish reading the autobiographies and move onto a piece of fiction written by their author, this time annotating for examples of how the life of the author can be found in the pages of their fiction.  We will also work on Capstone projects on Thursday.

PA Middle School Transition Night

The PA PTA holds a middle school transition night every year for students and their families.  The middle school PA program is described by a panel of current middle school PA students, and it's the best way to really know what middle school PA is like, what the workload feels like, how much homework to expect and more.  This year, the event will be held at Gregory Middle School on March 10th at 6:30 pm.  I highly recommend attending with your child. I'm sending home a flyer today with the 5th graders.

Monday, February 3, 2020

PA and TD for the Week of 2-3

The kids did a great job last week with PA testing.  The 3rd and 4th graders still have to take the CogAT this week, but then we are done.  Results will be sent home this spring.  Now, here's what we will be up to this week!

KTD Lit spent some time with the book Anamalia last week learning about alliteration, and we will be continue to explore this book and concept this week during TD. 
Image result for animalia book
KTD Math will be exploring geometry this week, learning about the properties of ten different shapes, their sides and the number of verticies each shape has. The kids and I will be going an a shape hunt around the school looking for examples of each shape.

1TD will be learning about conflict in the stories they are reading.  We will be discussing internal and external conflict and mapping examples found in the books they have in their book boxes. 

2TD began researching lesser known civil rights leaders before and after 1945 during their last week with me.  This week, teams of kids will be using their research to create posters that teach about this icons.  

3PA did an outstanding job learning about the pyramids of ancient Egypt.  last week, when I was testing, the kids explored a book about the pyramids, and this week, we will use all of the notes taken to create a Google Slide show in pairs.  The kids took over 12 pages of notes each, so they have a lot of information to share.

4PA  will create a model of the human brain this week.  I have a blank template for the kids, and they will be using a variety of online sources and interactive brain maps, to label the different parts of the brain, and come up with a color and a symbol that reflect the functions of all the parts.
Image result for human brain anatomy
5PA will be annotating their autobiographies using a guide we will review today.  The kids are all reading an autobiography written by an author of children's fiction. When the students are done with the autobiographies, they will move on to read a piece of fiction by the same author to see how the life of the writer becomes part of their fiction writing.  We will also have Capstone Thursday.  


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