Thursday, February 27, 2020

PA and TD for the Week of 3-2

KTD Math will be using hexagons to skip count by 3's and 4's this week.  We will also be using counting by different numbers to discuss multiplication and begin learning what multiply really means. 

KTD Lit used Scrabble tiles last week to learn about nouns and create as many nouns as possible with a team.  This week, we will be discussing verbs, and have another word battle. 

1TD will bring their Chrome Books to my room this week to do an activity with Pebble Go.  We will be reading different biographies and creating T charts to show what information is important versus what information is just interesting in the text.

2TD will take a break from reading this week and work on something called blackout poetry.  The kids will all get different pages from old chapter books.  The key is to find the words to leave to write a poem, and cross out the words that are unnecessary.  It's going to require a lot of reading a rereading, and in the end it will look something like this...
Image result for blackout poetry
3PA has a goal of finishing their Pyramid slide shows by Friday.  The work they are doing is really higher level stuff and the best part is the pride they have in the work so far.  They asked me last week if they could present them in the homerooms because they wanted to show their classmates what they have learned so far about Egypt. I asked the third grade team, and they will all be presenting their work to their classmates.  We have also learned a lot about what collaborating truly means, how to listen to and hear what a partner is saying, and how to blend ideas in a final product. 

4PA will be presenting their neurological disorder projects beginning on Friday, so this is the final week to work on this research project.  The kids will need to practice several times as homework this week.  Once the slides and scripts are completed it is really important to run through the ten minute presentation several times.  This will likely be the longest presentation they have given, and the class knows that ten minutes is the target. 

5PA has finished the autobiography work, but many of my friends did not share their responses to three questions they were given, and several did not do their best on this work.  I would encourage you to look at what your son or daughter turned in and see my comments at the end. Some friends might want to try again for homework this week and share their revised work with me.  This week, we will be working with a fiction text written by the author they have learned about, work on Capstones on Thursday, and Friday, we will have a surprise thanks to Mason's suggestion.  

My Wish for my Students