Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Thursday E Learning

Find a cozy place to read friends. Go on an adventure with a book, it’s my remedy. Send me your work, assignments are posted below, sometime in the next ten days. Spring break will be different this year for all of us. You know your assignments and how to share your work, you know how to chat with me if you have questions, and you know I miss seeing you everyday in our room. 

If we continue e learning after spring break, I’ll be in touch. Stay well. 

Mr. Schumann 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

5PA Capstone

I don’t want anyone to think about their Capstone project this week. Once we get back from spring break, we will come together and move forward. 

E Learning on Twitter

I know many Brookdale PA parents follow me on Twitter, and I am sharing a lot of resources you can use at home on that platform.  You can follow me @brianschumann75 or you can Google @brianschumann75 and get dozens of ideas and links to things PA students can engage with at home.  Stay well friends. 
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5PA E Learning Week 2

We are entering new territory kids.  I miss seeing you each day.  I miss the bond, our inside jokes, how well we know each other, our traditions, and how well you can work as a team. This will not stop because we are not face to face in our room. So, this week, I'm keeping it simple.  Finish the fiction book you went home with that pairs with your autobiography.  Continue to do the annotations with a focus on how the life of the author connects with the fiction you are reading and create a seven word summary for each chapter. Annotate on post-its you went home with, or you can do it on Google, or another method we worked out.  That's it until after spring break.  I'll be checking in several times a day, so if you have anything to share or ask, just share a Google Doc with me.  

4PA E Learning Week 2

This is the brief introduction I showed you on our last day together. We are going to be learning about the poetry of Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance for a few weeks. Watch the video again, and then begin reading the following poems here:

Langston Hughes poems to read this week:

I, Too
Dream Variations
Harlem, Dream Deferred
Helen Keller
I Continue to Dream
In Time of Silver Rain
Freedom's Plow

You can read more poems if you like, but the eight listed above are ones I'd like you to read.  Create a Google Doc titled Langston Hughes poetry with your name, then share it with me.  I would like you to write the title of each poem, and share your thoughts about each in a few sentences. What do you think he was saying? How did the poem make you feel? What was the mood or tone of the poem? Add any thoughts you have kids.  We will pick this up after spring break, and I'll be checking in to see what you think of these poems.  You might need to look up some new vocabulary as you read because we are not together.
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3PA E Learning Week 2

I posted the documentary we were watching together about the top ten discoveries of Ancient Egypt for all of you to keep watching at home.  I know you left your binders at school, so please take notes on the sections we watched in class again. The YouTube link may not work, so ask an adult to use any device you can to watch.  If you have no other options, send me a note on a Google Doc, and I will look for another source.  This week, my expectations are that you watch the documentary, take notes on paper, and include as much detail as you can.  You will be working on a project using this information after spring break. I so wish I was there with you kids, so if you have questions, or things to share, share a Google Doc with me, I'll reply. 

Egypt's Ten Greatest Discoveries [Full Documentary]

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Audible Books Free

Stories are so essential for all of us today. I listen to audible books every night. Audible is now free for students during distance learning. Find a story, a book, make a pillow fort and escape. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Some Fun for Day 2

For day 2, I still want everyone to have some fun. Share any of your creative ideas with me on Google if you want to. I wish we were together kids.


So it seems some kids are having trouble seeing the images on the link I posted. My advice it to use a different device, other than Chrome Books, or use these images. I will post more tomorrow. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

3-5 PA E Learning Week One

In PA, we think differently.  This is one of the core values of the program. So, we will be thinking differently in the coming weeks.  To start out this three day school week, I am thinking differently too.  While our regular curriculum will begin again next week, 3rd grade Ancient Egypt, 4th grade will explore the poetry and history of the Harlem Renaissance, and 5th grade will be completing our autobiography unit and moving forward with Capstone plans, but this week, let's take a breath and have some fun critical thinking activities that everyone in the house can do.  

Several PA teachers have been in touch, discussing how we can promote inferential thinking, creativity, family communication, and most importantly some fun into this first week of  this process.  The link below is to a site with a range of unfinished comics.  There are blank templates you can print, or just use any paper you have around the house.  The comics are all started, as you scroll down, so I'd like the students, and you too, to complete them.  Share what each member of the family made and talk about it.  There is a lot going on in the world, this week of learning should focus on bringing families together.  Have fun! 

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

E Learning

I will be providing assignments for my PA groups here on Tuesday. We will be continuing our classroom work, just in a different way, and my crew loves to do things in a different way. You can also get ideas for what to do at home on my Twitter feed @brianschumann75. 

My Wish for my Students