Sunday, March 22, 2020

4PA E Learning Week 2

This is the brief introduction I showed you on our last day together. We are going to be learning about the poetry of Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance for a few weeks. Watch the video again, and then begin reading the following poems here:

Langston Hughes poems to read this week:

I, Too
Dream Variations
Harlem, Dream Deferred
Helen Keller
I Continue to Dream
In Time of Silver Rain
Freedom's Plow

You can read more poems if you like, but the eight listed above are ones I'd like you to read.  Create a Google Doc titled Langston Hughes poetry with your name, then share it with me.  I would like you to write the title of each poem, and share your thoughts about each in a few sentences. What do you think he was saying? How did the poem make you feel? What was the mood or tone of the poem? Add any thoughts you have kids.  We will pick this up after spring break, and I'll be checking in to see what you think of these poems.  You might need to look up some new vocabulary as you read because we are not together.
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