Sunday, March 22, 2020

5PA E Learning Week 2

We are entering new territory kids.  I miss seeing you each day.  I miss the bond, our inside jokes, how well we know each other, our traditions, and how well you can work as a team. This will not stop because we are not face to face in our room. So, this week, I'm keeping it simple.  Finish the fiction book you went home with that pairs with your autobiography.  Continue to do the annotations with a focus on how the life of the author connects with the fiction you are reading and create a seven word summary for each chapter. Annotate on post-its you went home with, or you can do it on Google, or another method we worked out.  That's it until after spring break.  I'll be checking in several times a day, so if you have anything to share or ask, just share a Google Doc with me.  

My Wish for my Students