Sunday, April 26, 2020

PA News

PA tests results will be shared through email on May 1st, contact school with any questions.  It has been nice to see everyone online, I've seen every classroom Zoom meeting and PA meetings over the last few weeks. The activities below are optional for my PA friends, but the students asked for some ideas.

3PA: Create a way to share your own personal ranking of the top 10 discoveries of Ancient Egypt.  Number 1 should be the most important and 10 is the, while still amazing, the least important on your list. 1-10...create your list and fully explain your choice, 1-10,  in any way you want.

4PA: We left off with reading poetry by Langston Hughes, who wrote about life 100 years ago in Harlem, NY in the 1920's. I wanted to take you on a trip through a period of time known as The Harlem Renaissance during our last weeks together. This week, explore this link: 
We can talk on Thursday about what you can create or share about your thinking. 

5PA: Capstone is back, optional, but I know my students want to share their plans to make the world a better place, and it's a good time for big picture problem solving. So kids, basic Mr. Schumann directions, by now I bet you know them already:

  1.  Create a way to share facts from your research, provide evidence, that the problem you want to fix is, in fact, a problem.
  2. What is your idea to fix the problem.
  3. Format is your choice. 
  4. Due May 25th, as we discussed on Friday kids. I'm so proud of you guys. 

Made by Maxine by Ruth Spiro

Made by Maxine by Ruth Spiro
This book makes me think of what can be created with virtually nothing. Why not make something? 

Making Inferences: Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg

This book is a favorite. Listen and think of all the parts the author left out, he wanted you to find them on your own. That's what making an inference when reading means.  Look for the breadcrumbs left by the author...

Monday, April 6, 2020

Zoom Meetings

PA Zoom Meetings 

3rd Grade April 14th @3:00
Password 850393

4th Grade April 16th @3:00
PasswordPassword 850393

5th Grade April 17th @3:00
Password 850393

PA Moving Forward

This is a difficult time for the world, and this is easily the most difficult post I have made on our website friends.  With the new remote learning plan put together by District 204 and the leadership team at Brookdale, this is our plan moving forward.  I am not going to be posting new activities for PA students.  The teachers, Mrs. Howicz and I want you guys to focus on the learning you are doing in your homeroom classes.  This, sadly, means that we will not continue with our curriculum.  I will be joining Zoom meetings so I can see you all and check in, and you can send me emails or anything via Google so we can stay in touch.  5th grade, I'm crushed,  but this also means that you can stop working on your Capstone projects.  The world shifted, and we need to shift with it.  

All I want you guys to do is escape into a good book.  We can travel anywhere in books.  I know that you kids have about 50 books from the PA library, just keep them until they can be returned to school.  If you need a good book recommendation, visit here:

I will be posting some links each week that any student at Brookdale can use at home.  Stay well friends, and I will see you on Zoom, and in person when it is safe.

Wonderopolis is a fantastic website to get lost in, exploring things that you wonder about:

Fold and Fly is a fun website with dozens of paper airplane designs that you can use to pass the time:

I know this is going to be difficult news to absorb kids, but we will get through this and be back together again when we can.  I'm sending you my love.

Mr. Schumann

My Wish for my Students