Monday, November 30, 2020

PA for the Week of 11-30

 3PA will be sifting through all of the information and facts we learned about the top ten greatest discoveries of Ancient Egypt this week.  The kids will be asked to pick only five of the discoveries to include in an individual Google Slide project, the five discoveries they believe shed the most light on this ancient civilization.  On each slide, kids will pick images to include and a paragraph, written in their own words, about the history of the discovery, the when and where, and then what the discovery told us about Egyptian life that makes it important.

4PA will finish reading the story Broken Arrow Boy early this week followed by a comprehensive discussion about what we learned about the complexity of the human brain as a result.  Then, students will begin exploratory research about three different neurological disorders.  There is a section on this website for "4PA Neuroscience Links" with all of the information the students will need for this research.  Once facts have been gathered and recorded on the form in Google Classroom, each student will pick one of the disorders to use for a project we will be working on until Winter Break.

5PA wore me down, in a good way, with their enthusiasm for creative writing based on a collection of photographs taken under magnification that I shared with the group weeks ago.  As I shared the photos, everyone started to think about stories.  So, I posted link to a collection of photographs taken over the last 45 years of small life to use as inspiration for a collaborative writing experience.  Teams of three selected images for the setting, protagonist, antagonist, problem, and solution which will be used in crafting this tale.  Before the kids start writing, they will be working on the back story, what the reader does not know before the story begins, this is called the exposition in literary terms.  Good writing begins with knowing the story and characters before the drafting begins. 

My Wish for my Students