Monday, November 30, 2020

TD for the Week of 11-30

 KTD Math will be learning an addition trick using five consecutive counting numbers. When the numbers are put into a cross shape, you can find many combinations that give an equal horizontal and vertical sum. We will be challenged with the magic cross puzzle. 

KTD Lit continues our reading of the wordless picture books by David Wiesner.  This week, we will be exploring Sector 7, to see where clouds are made in a huge factory in the sky, and how a field trip to NYC ends with a cloud coming home with a student.

1TD will spend our time discussing the differences between characters in two Dr. Seuss stories, The Sneetches and The Zax. We will learn about going beyond the surface when looking for differences, no boys and girls, surface differences for these kids.  We will look at personalities and character motivation to go deeper in our thinking. 
2TD This is our first week of small group talent development in 2nd grade, welcome! This week, we will learn about fables, a genre that may be new to many of my new students.  What characteristics are common in fables? What do these stories aim to show the reader? Can we find fables with common themes? We will explore the world of Aesop, using his complete online anthology. 

My Wish for my Students