Thursday, December 17, 2020

Enjoy Winter Break!

 Thank you to all the families who gave me the generous gift card! Have a safe and restful winter break. I’m looking forward to no Zoom, finishing my move from my Wisconsin home, and recharging for a better 2021. Your children have been troopers so far this year and I’m very proud of them. 

Enjoy this time everyone. 

Mr. Schumann 

Monday, December 7, 2020

PA and TD for the Week of 12-7

KTD Math will continue working with the Magic Cross addition puzzle I introduced last week.  Here's the best part, the puzzle works with any 5 consecutive counting numbers!

KTD Lit's exploration of the wordless picture books of David Wiesner will move forward this week.  We will finish Sector 7 and make connections to Mr. Wuffles as well.

1TD will be introduced to Ted this week. Ted is an imaginary friend to a boy with a father who works too much, and Ted and the father are VERY different. This week we will continue to learn about story elements and focus on how different these two characters are in this picture book. 

2TD will finish up our work with fables from last week and enter The Hundred Acre Wood with the stories of A. A. Milne. I have a link to the text we will be reading posted on the website that students will use to read the text online. Our focus will be growing our understanding of important story elements and summarizing passages.  The summaries have a twist, they can only be 7 words. A seven word summary is often more challenging to write than a paragraph so I hope the students are up to the challenge.

3PA will finish up their slideshows on the five most meaningful discoveries of Ancient Egypt this week on Wednesday. As I have told the kids, the best thing a teacher can hope for is progress, evidence of the class doing better, and this project shows that very clearly! I'm very proud of this group of learners. Our next topic will be daily life in Ancient Egypt across all levels of society.  What was the life of a farmer like compared to a scribe? We will find out.

4PA has begun the exploratory research on three different neurological disorders. By Thursday, kids will be selecting one of the three for a comprehensive project we will be working on for the next few weeks of school.

5PA will finish up their spectacular team creative writing projects this week.  The kids have worked beautifully as teams and most have commented that it feels welcomingly normal to be in a small Zoom group with unmuted mics just to work together with friends.  The students are focused, working hard, and having a great time too.  This is what school should feel like in 2020!

My Wish for my Students