Monday, January 11, 2021

PA and TD for the Week of 1-11

 Talent Development will be pausing after this Friday, along with all of our academic interventions, as we transition into hybrid instruction.  The academic support team will be working on individual assessments and helping classroom teachers complete one one one assessments we have missed during remote learning. All interventions and TD will resume on 2-10, but groups will have some new students and some students will be rotating back to their classrooms. 

KTD Lit: We will finish our author study of David Wiesner this week as a whole group on Wednesday. I have a substitute on Tuesday and I didn't want to miss our final discussion, so the Tuesday kids will join the Wednesday kids for a whole group wrap-up of our wordless picture book study.

KTD Math: We will be working another estimation problem this week.  It takes stamina to work on one problem for 30 minutes, but the groups have done very well!

1TD: The group will finish reading Frog and Toad are Friends during our time together this week.  The focus of our discussion will be how the differences between Frog and Toad make the story more engaging for the reader. Authors use juxtaposition to contrast characters all the time, but how does this make a story more interesting? 

2TD: We ended up spending two hours reading Rooted in Justice about Vice President Elect Kamala Harris last week.  The group took detailed notes on the experiences Kamala had in her life that will help her in her new job. This week, we will be reading about President Elect Joe Biden and looking into his past experiences and how they will shape him as a leader.  On Friday, we will see how these two people with very different experiences, might be able to use those experiences to make good decisions for America. 

3PA: This week, we will be building background information for the first novel we will read together this year. I'm not giving the title of the novel yet because I know this crowd! The students will be working alone and in pairs to start the week with a lunar survival problem. If your spacecraft is trapped on the light side of the moon, waiting for a rescue, what items from the spaceship would be most important? I have a list of 15 items that kids will number rank and defend their rank in writing. Next students will work in pairs to collaborate on their list and compromise on a new list taking in ideas from both partners. After we discuss as a whole group, students will be reading and discussing the five articles that I put into Google Classroom this morning. 

4PA: Kids will, hopefully, finish their neurological disorder slides this week, write the speech, and be ready to present after MLK Day.

5PA: The kids have all week to work on their TED Talk on a young person who made their community a better place. I uploaded a sample outline and a TED Talk speaker guide, the same one given to anyone giving a TED Talk, to Google Classroom this morning.  

My Wish for my Students