Tuesday, January 19, 2021

PA for the Week of 1-19-21

 There is no Talent Development this week.

3PA will begin reading the novel The Green Book this week. As the kids read this science fiction novel, they will be writing a first person journal pretending to be the main character, Pattie. There are going to be many good discussions as we read this week. The kids will be expected to finish their 7-10 sentence journal entries as homework and there might be some reading to finish up as well. The book is available to pick up inside Door 1 at school. 

4PA will be presenting their neurological disorder projects in class all week beginning Wednesday. Everyone has Tuesday in class to rehearse and finish up final touches. If you did not pick up a copy of The Secret Garden last week, please come get one. 

5PA has Tuesday to finish up their TED Talk on a young person making a difference in the world. The kids will be presenting this to the group beginning on Wednesday.

My Wish for my Students