Tuesday, February 2, 2021

PA for the Week of 2-1

 3PA will be continuing to read The Green Book during class this week. Last week, we spent time finding details about the setting on this new planet and how authors use words to paint a picture in the mind of a reader. The kids turned those details into a drawing showing what their "Shine" looked in their minds. This week we will continue to write a first person journal from Pattie's point of view and discuss some of the plans the colonists are making. 

4PA will be reading The Secret Garden this week. The layers in the story are just beginning to unfold. Our main focus will be identifying symbolism and metaphors as we discover them in our reading. The kids will also continue to add notes to the character matrix that we began last week. 

5PA will be working on Capstone all week as the kids pivot to developing a solution for their passion project. We spent the first half of the year finding information on the problem itself, proving that it is a problem. Now, the students will begin researching different possible solutions and finding out what is currently being done to try to solve the problem. I will be meeting with each student in a breakout room to check in to make sure everyone is still on the right path.

My Wish for my Students