Friday, February 5, 2021

PA for the Week of 2-10

 3PA will focus on chapters 5 and 6 of The Green Book this week. How will the colonists survive if their crops fail and have crystalline elements absorbed from the soil? What will the moth people do to the residents of Shine? We will finish reading the book this week!

4PA is enjoying The Secret Garden! The small group discussions about symbolism and metaphors have been fun to listen in on over Zoom. This week I anticipate reading chapters 8-11, continuing our work with the characters and figurative language, and we will finally find out where the sound Mary keeps hearing is coming from.

5PA spent last week working on their Capstone and conferencing with me about the direction of their projects. There are some really interesting topics being explored and the kids are all doing well as they continue their passion project. This week, we will work on Capstone just on Thursday as we circle back to the inaugural poetry we were reading. Teams of kids will extract the themes from the three poems and what the poems say about the times they were written in, and then we will discuss their thoughts as a whole group. Later in the week, we will begin reading a short story titled "Ghost Cat" that I have in our Google classroom. 

My Wish for my Students