Tuesday, March 16, 2021

PA and TD for the Week of 3-16

 KTD Lit will learn about the non-fiction text feature of captions this week. We will learn what they are for, what kinds of books will have them, and we will write some of our own using some very interesting pictures!

KTD Math will work on estimation and a video division problem using a chocolate bar. 

1TD will be using the information found last week to create an infographic poster with images and facts on the topic they explored. The remote kids can do a poster at home or a Google Slide. 

2TD will be discussing perspectives during our time together this week. How do two, or more, characters view the same event differently? Why can the same event be interpreted in different ways?

3PA Will continue reading The Girl Who Owned a City and exploring the change generalizations we developed at the beginning of the school year. This week, the group will also be using the Visible Thinking strategy called "Step In" focused on exploring viewpoints. Three questions will guide our thinking this week. What can this character perceive? What might this character know about or believe? What might this character truly care about? These questions will be examined for each character in the novel.

4PA will be using the same Visible Thinking strategy as the third grade group, but using the characters in The Secret Garden. The kids started this last week in small groups, and the conversations I heard were excellent! 

5PA has been very persuasive in asking to write sequels to the creative writing we did earlier this year using microscopic photography as their inspiration. The first stories were very clever and entertaining, so, we will be writing sequels this week in the same groups as before. This writing also allows for more Zoom socialization, something has been difficult to foster over a screen, but when I pop into breakout rooms and hear the kids being kids and laughing while they work, it almost feels like normal school.

My Wish for my Students