Monday, April 12, 2021

PA and TD for the Week of 4-12

 Talent Development students will all be working with the poetry of Shel Silverstein this week. We will focus on creating spoonerisms that we learned about last week with Runny Babbit. Students will be taking different poems and rewriting them using spoonerisms. 

3PA will be reading a short story titled "The Green Man" this week. There are many layers to this tale that we will be discussing together. 

4PA will begin the week with a surprise, and then we will finish reading The Secret Garden. The kids will begin an art project relating to the book by the end of the week.  

5PA will begin a new unit this week. We will be reading an autobiography written by an author of fiction for younger people. The kids will be annotating the book using post it notes that will be color coded. 

My Wish for my Students