Monday, August 30, 2021

Talent Development for the week of 8-30

 After a week of reading to the primary students, it is time for some whole group lessons. I will be meeting with all of the primary classes once a week for 30 minute higher-level thinking and reading activities. 

Kindergarten classes will begin an author study on Peter Reynolds. He has written many picture books that are perfect for our newest Bobcats. We will begin with a book titled Happy Dreamer, a story about all the things we can dream about. The students will take the abstract idea of a dream, and turn it into a concrete picture expressing some of the things they dream about. 

First Grade will be exploring an amazing alphabet book by Chris Van Allsburg titled The Z Was Zapped. The illustrations give the reader a few clues about what is happening, but the students need to infer what the illustration shows to guess the text for the page. We will work on using the picture clues to "solve" each page. 

Second Grade will be reading a picture book from The Fan Brothers titled The Barnabus Project. In a secret lab beneath a pet store specializing in "perfect pets" something strange is happening. Animals are being created using genetic engineering to sell to children. We will be creating our own perfect pets, blending two animals that have no business being blended!

PA and TD for the Week of 1-19

  We have a short week of school this week, but I am excited to continue the work we began after winter break. The kids came back excited to...