Wednesday, September 8, 2021

PA and TD for the Week of 9-8

 Kindergarten classes will be visiting my room this week to learn more about author Peter Reynolds. Last week we read the story Happy Dreamer and this week, we will be reading The Dot, a book about creativity, perseverance, and how to make your mark. 

First Grade students will be joining me to continue to explore the idea of making inferences when reading, reading between the lines really. The kids and I will work to guess the text on each page in The Z Was Zapped.

Second Grade classes will continue our project from last week based on the book The Barnabus Project. Students will be using their creativity to create their own DNA mash-up of two of their favorite animals that would make good pets.

3PA had to switch gears last week because our copier was down and I didn't have copies of "The Green Man" ready. Instead, we read a short story titled "Charlie" about the beginning of kindergarten. This one student, Charlie, is getting into all sorts of trouble in a young girl's class as the school year begins, but as it turns out, there is no Charlie in the group. Seems like one little girl has some explaining to do at home! This week, we will continue working with this text as we explore the idea of change and how to write answers in complete sentences. 

4PA began reading the short story "The Power of Light" last week and will continue with this text for our time this week. Our focus was developing categories of how things change to group ideas as we read. This week, we will do some shared reading and writing lessons to show how to find examples and how to record these thought in complete 4th grade sentences, something this group needs to focus on moving forward.

5PA finished reading The Collector of Moments last week. This week, we will discuss the deeper meaning and how to take the message from the story and apply it to all of our work in PA and beyond. On Friday, the students will meet Ray Bradbury! Check out the video I posted and listen to this man talk about books!

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