Tuesday, October 12, 2021

PA for the Week of 10-12

 3PA began a journal writing activity last week focused on how characters respond to challenging situations in our novel The Girl Who Owned a City. This week we will discover what happens at the militia meeting, if the Jewel warehouse is all they imagined, and how to protect Grand Avenue. The kids will be reading independently, writing in their journals, and reading together as we continue to discuss all of the examples of change in this page turner. 

4PA will begin the week working on analyzing a second Langston Hughes poem using the tool I put into Google Classroom. Later in the week, we will transition to a new project focused on the Harlem Renaissance. Writing and poetry were only a small part of what was going on in 1920's Harlem, so we need to explore some of the other artists who were working in Harlem at the same times Langston Hughes was writing. The kids will explore a variety of musicians, singers, dancers, poets, actors, painters, or photographers who were contemporaries of Hughes. A Google Slide project will be developed based on what interests each student.         
5PA will be finishing up the writing project we began last week comparing "The Veldt" to the Brother's Grimm version of "Little Red Riding Hood." Then, we will begin a new Ray Bradbury short story, "All Summer in a Day" about a day on Venus that a group of children will never forget. 


PA for the Week of 10-18

  3PA will be ending the 1st quarter of school with Lisa, Todd, Julie, Charlie, and Tom Logan. This week we will continue our reading and an...