Monday, October 4, 2021

PA for the Week of 10-4

 3PA has been captivated by The Girl Who Owned a City! This week, we will continue to read, discuss and record how Lisa and Todd are responding to challenges, we will meet the antagonist Tom Logan, and teams will be adding details to the change generalizations we started last week.

4PA will spend most of the week with the poem "Freedom's Plow" by Langston Hughes. This is a longer poem that the students will be examining for figurative language, themes, and how the text connects to historical events. The kids have several poems by Hughes in their Google Classroom that we will also be reading.

5PA continues to explore the world of Ray Bradbury. This week, most of our time will be spent with "The Veldt" and the nursery that comes to life. We will compare the experience of reading a story to a reading done by Steven Colbert. Does the performance of a story change the experience as a consumer of stories? The class will also be working with a visible thinking strategy, "See, Think, Wonder" that will kick off with an abstract art Google Slide show. Last week we used symphonic music in a grammar lesson and now I'm using abstract art to examine how we think about and discuss literature. It's going to be a fun week!

PA for the Week of 10-18

  3PA will be ending the 1st quarter of school with Lisa, Todd, Julie, Charlie, and Tom Logan. This week we will continue our reading and an...