Monday, October 4, 2021

Talent Development for 10-4

 KTD will be coming back to our wordless picture books soon, but this week, we will spend some time learning about words. We will read The Word Collector by Peter Reynolds and go on a word hunt. We are going to learn about the dictionary while we play a game based on alphabetical order, and we will be learning about nouns and verbs using high frequency sight words. 

1TD will read another book with Maxine from last week's invention themed work. Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever is a book that shows Maxine's creativity outside, with a new garden. We will learn about schools that have vegetable gardens that students work in during class, skills the kids learn while gardening, and we will be reading two articles about how to create a garden. 
2TD will continue reading the novel Frindle this week. The students will create character webs for Nick and Mrs. Granger that we will color code. The kids will have three colors to reflect the beginning, middle, and end of the story to show how the two main characters change throughout the book. 

PA for the Week of 10-18

  3PA will be ending the 1st quarter of school with Lisa, Todd, Julie, Charlie, and Tom Logan. This week we will continue our reading and an...