Tuesday, October 12, 2021

TD for the Week of 10-12

 KTD will continue to explore wordless picture books this week. The week will begin with the conclusion of Mr. Wuffles, your average aliens vs cat story. The kids and I will also be reading Sector 7, the story of a boy who goes on a field trip to New York City and ends up in a factory in the sky where all of the clouds are made. If the weather cooperates, we will go outside to read the book It Looked like Spilt Milk and do an activity where we reimagine clouds.  

1TD will be going to the LMC with me on Wednesday to browse through the beginning chapter book section. I'm going to let the kids check out a book that they want to read, and we will work on some story structure mini-lessons so I can have reading conferences with each of the kids a few times this week. 

2TD will continue reading Frindle this week, but we will also be using a new kind of frindle for a fun lesson on calligraphy. Since Nick is so into pens, and we learned about the history of the pen going back to quills, I bought calligraphy markers! We are going to watch a few videos in class and experiment with fancy frindle fun! The kids will get to keep the markers and bring them home on Friday.

PA for the Week of 10-18

  3PA will be ending the 1st quarter of school with Lisa, Todd, Julie, Charlie, and Tom Logan. This week we will continue our reading and an...