Monday, November 8, 2021

PA for the Week of 11-8

 3PA finished reading our novel last week! I am so excited to have a whole group discussion today about what the kids think about the completion of this tale. The kids will be working most of the week on finishing up their journals based on the book, they are really into this assignment, most are at the six page mark in their journals already. By Friday, we will be ready to begin a new novel, one with many connective thematic threads to this last book. On Friday, we will begin a science fiction story about a group of families who need to leave Earth and colonize a new planet. We will be reading The Green Book by Jill Patton Walsh.

4PA will begin presenting their work on The Harlem Renaissance this week. I am excited to see how the class will do with this visual storytelling project. When I told the class that the words were only going to be in their speeches and not on their slides, there were many confused looks in the crowd. Looking at a presentation from the viewer and listener perspective is new for the kids, and I am anticipating a fun few days of sharing. Next, we will be moving into one of my favorite parts of the 4PA curriculum. The kids and I will begin reading the 1911 classic, The Secret Garden.
5PA will be presenting their digital quiz shows, based on the stories by Ray Bradbury we have been reading, on Monday and Tuesday. Then, we will be moving into a new unit on young people making a positive difference in the world. There are three new links under the "student resources" section of the website that we will be using as a jumping off point for this unit. The kids are going to explore the people on the lists I have linked, and then pick one person to learn more about. One of the people on the list participated in a Zoom call last year with the students! The end goal is going to be a mini-TED Talk about the person who inspired your son or daughter the most with their positive impact. 

PA for the Week of 11-29

  3PA will arrive on planet Shine this week in The Green Book . What is this new world like? What resources are available? What will new hom...