Monday, November 15, 2021

Talent Development for the Week of 11-15

 K Lit students will be spending time with the David Wiesner picture book Sector 7 during our time together this week. The story is about a field trip to The Empire State Building and ends up in the sky factory called Sector 7 where all the clouds get their weather assignments for the day. This wordless adventure will spark conversations about story elements and development of the plot in a story.

K Math will work on two different video math problems that focus on estimation. We will be thinking about graham crackers and those tasty perforated lines, but we will use them to explore multiplication as repeated addition, and we will estimate using Whoppers. 

First grade will be working on summarizing this week. I have sets of a variety of picture books that we will be reading in pairs and discussing as a group. The class will develop a summary together, but that's not the final goal. Summarizing is hard, but condensing an entire book into a short summary of only 7 words creates a challenge that will be our focus for the week. We began today with Scaredy Squirrel. 
Second grade will continue to dive into the story of Nick and Mrs. Granger in the novel Frindle. The kids and I will be focusing on how the characters evolve as the story plays out. Today, we began writing down our observations of the characters from the first five chapters we have explored. 

PA for the Week of 11-29

  3PA will arrive on planet Shine this week in The Green Book . What is this new world like? What resources are available? What will new hom...