Monday, November 8, 2021

Talent Development for the Week of 11-8-21

 Welcome to Talent Development

My kindergarten group swapped students two weeks ago, and this week, I will have all new first and second grade students for the next six weeks. TD is a 30 minute pull-out literacy enrichment program for our youngest students who show an aptitude for reading. We will meet every school day to work on reading skills that will provide some challenge. The work we do will typically be one school year above the grade your child is currently in and I do not assign homework. Here is what we will be working on this week.

Kindergarten Math will spend time learning about breaking down larger numbers, or showing the number in new ways. How many ways are there to show the number 12? We can use addition, subtraction, basic multiplication, pictures, tallies, words, there are a lot of ways to show numbers. The kids will be in groups using blank hexagons and dry erase markers to make chains of ways to "decompose" a number.

Kindergarten Literacy will read a memoir this week. The memoir of a goldfish. What would be in the life story of a goldfish? What if other animals or objects could write their own life story or memoir? That's the kind of fun we will be having together this week!

First Grade TD will begin our week reading a picture book about inventing something new. All inventions stem from the same initial spark, you need to create a solution to a problem. Maxine's problem is that she needs to figure out a way to march with her pet fish in her class pet parade. How does one march with a fish? What problems will the kids in first grade attempt to solve with their own invention? I hope that inspiration will come from a few articles about other inventions that we will be reading together. We will read about how the Slip-N-Slide was created, how the Wright Brothers worked on flying, and we will read about a camp for kids who want to learn how to be an inventor.
Second Grade TD will begin a novel study this week using Frindle by Andrew Clements. This is a fun story about a boy named Nick, his teacher Mrs. Granger, and the epic journey of how words are invented. The first group of students read this book and they loved it! We will focus our time on how the two main characters evolve and change as the story unfolds. 

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