Monday, December 13, 2021

PA and TD for the Week of 12-13

 K Math will be going on a shape hunt around the school this week. We will be learning about two-dimensional shapes and their properties. The kids will learn about vertices and sides, and we will be learning the names of some new shapes. 

K Lit students will continue our crayon theme this week with the picture book The Day the Crayons Came Home. Unlike last week, we won't begin by reading the story to start the week. Instead, the group will be writing Duncan post cards explaining the adventures that were had while on vacation and the ultimate reason why their crayon decided to come home, all before reading the book. Then, we will read the book and compare the adventures we came up with to the ideas in the story. 
1TD will be reading beginning chapter books that we are checking out from the LMC. These self-selected books will be used to identify and describe story elements. The group will also work on an oral book commercial to share with their friends. 

2TD will be exploring books written by the author of Frindle, Andrew Clements. The group will be reading and recording similarities to the book we just finished found in the new title. 
3PA will finish our work with The Green Book this week. The kids will be selecting two of three projects to develop in the time we have left before break. All three options are in Google Classroom. We will also be discussing the book, now that everyone is finished with the reading. What do the moth people look like???
4PA was given permission to finish The Secret Garden, and I encouraged everyone to bring the books home last week to read in the evenings and to take it over the weekend to read. Parents, please check in with your student to make sure they finish reading the book this week. While all the kids are at different places in the book, the class will be working on a few things at the same time. We need to finish character notes, finish the examples of figurative language, and develop discussion questions that we will use next week and after break. 
5PA has one more day to polish up their TED Talks because we will be presenting them in class beginning Tuesday. When we finish up this mini-unit, we will begin a complicated creative writing project based on the Jon Scieszka picture book Battle Bunny. This book began life as Birthday Bunny, but some sneaky kid got a pencil and changed the words and the illustrations to write a completely new story. I have about 30 picture books, lots of pencils, and some wildly creative thinkers. 

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