Tuesday, December 7, 2021

PA and TD for the Week of 12-6

 K Math will be playing a version of BINGO with addition and subtraction facts, but a simple game like this can become more challenging with how the numbers are called. For example, if the card has 3, I might say, "This number is three more than the difference between six and six." My goal is to develop mathematical thinking though this game. 

K Lit really enjoyed last week's adventures with Gurple and Preen, so this week, I'm keeping with the crayon theme with Drew Daywalt's The Day the Crayons Quit. The kids will all be writing a letter to Duncan using a color not mentioned in the book, explaining why they quit the crayon box. 

First grade TD is still working on the A. A. Milne story "Eeyore has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents." The kids and I are having fun with voices and reading with expression and we discuss the events in this classic tale. 

Second grade TD finished reading Frindle last week. The kids all agreed that this was a great read. This week, the class will be creating detailed pictures of Nick and Mrs. Granger at the beginning of the book, and a picture of these two at the end of the book illustrating how the characters changed during the story. The kids will also complete a short writing assessment on Friday.

3PA worked hard to design their homes on Shine using only the resources available on this strange new world. This week, we will continue our reading in The Green Book to see what happens when the colonists begin farming and what would happen if the crops fail. Can the colonists use the jellyfish they find? What is a famine? Stay tuned!
4PA began the week with an hour-long discussion about why The Secret Garden was set in a 100 room house on an English Moor. Does the house hold a deeper meaning? Does the Moor represent something connected to characters in the novel? We also discussed the similarities between Mary and Ben. What do a 70 year old gardener and a 10 year old girl have in common? Why did the author pair these two? In Google Classroom, there is a list of questions we will be sitting down to discuss all week long.

5PA will be developing the TED Talks this week about a young person who was a catalyst for change in the world. The class will begin presenting these 8 minute talks next Tuesday. This week, kids will be finishing their research, creating their slides, and outlining their speeches using the supporting documents in Google Classroom.

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