Monday, January 10, 2022

PA and TD for the Week of 1-10

 Welcome Back!

K Math will explore skip counting by 4's and 6's this week. We will be discussing the idea of repeated addition and the relationship to multiplication.

K Lit and 1TD will be learning about the science behind snowflakes this week. I have four articles about how snowflakes are formed, what conditions need to be in place for snow to form, and what makes snow different in each storm. The kids and I will also be reading the Caldecott winning picture book Snowflake Bentley, about Wilson Bentley, who was the first person to photograph a snowflake under a microscope. The kids and I will focus on the meaning of unknown words and strategies to use when reading. We will also look at some of the photographs he took which are now in The Smithsonian. 

2TD will be learning about the highest award given to an American picture book each year, The Caldecott Medal. This award is given each year to the most distinguished American picture book and is given to the illustrator. The award was first given in 1937 and will be awarded in late January. We will be reading and evaluating past winners, and we will eventually begin reading a selection of the books eligible for the 2022 award. 
3PA will be spending the week making connections between the two novels we focused on during the first semester, The Girl Who Owned a City and The Green Book. Both books have a primary theme of survival, but what was the secondary theme? Kids will be writing about this, as well as going deep with three connections between the plots, and connections between three characters in each of the books. 

4PA will be working on the final project for The Secret Garden, a watercolor tryptic assessment. That's right, watercolors. I bought sets of watercolor paints, brushes, and special paper for this assessment using art to assess understanding of literature. The kids will be tasked with creating a watercolor tryptic, a series of three paintings, showing the garden when it was barren, growing, and in splendor. Each painting will have an accompanying quote from the story that illustrates the stage of growing. This will take this week and next week, but the results show a complex understanding of the layers in this beautiful novel. 
5PA will begin the year with a project aimed at waking up creativity! It's Battle Bunny time! I have collected about 30 picture books that were going to be discarded by the LMC. The kids will be given one of the books to use as a jumping off point for a new story using the original text and illustrations, but modified with ONLY a pencil. I've never done this project before, but I imagine we will be working on it for at least the next two weeks. Here are a few inspiration pictures from the original book. 

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