Friday, January 14, 2022

PA and TD for the Week of 1-19

 We have a short week of school this week, but I am excited to continue the work we began after winter break. The kids came back excited to get back to work and all of my K-5 students did an outstanding job at school with our first week together again. It was the best week of this school year in my humble opinion.

The week of 1-24, there will not be PA or TD classes. I am going to be assisting in different classes all week with school wide assessments we do three times a year to measure progress.

KMath will have two days of skip counting activities as we begin to understand the relationship between repeated addition and multiplication. Last week, we got a bit sidetracked with symmetry and snowflakes because of what I was doing with the lit group.

KLiteracy will only have one day with me this week to discuss the main idea in a beautiful picture book The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry. The kids and I will work on the key elements included in a retelling of this tale. 

1TD will be reading a variety of beginning chapter books with just the right amount of challenge. Our focus will be learning about the point of view in the story and how ideas develop in the text.

2TD are all reading past winners of the Caldecott Medal, but they are reading the books like a judge. We are pulling out good qualities about the text, bad qualities about the text, good qualities about the illustrations, and bad qualities about the illustrations. The students are then assigning an overall rating using a 1-10 scale. The group has shown really good higher-level thinking skills in their analysis. I also need to give a shout out to the 2011 Caldecott Winner, A Sick Day for Amos McGee because after reading it again this week, I'm now in love with a book that I really didn't like the first few times I read it. 
3PA worked hard last week writing four paragraphs that compared The Green Book to The Girl Who Owned a City. The first paragraph is about the primary theme of survival, the second is about a secondary theme the kids selected that both stories share, the third paragraph shows how characters from each story have connections, and the final paragraph is about which book was better and why. During our time this week, we will spend three hours revising, rewriting, adding, editing, and proofreading this work. It's not going to be particularly fun for the kids because they think when they "finish" writing, they are "done" with the assignment. Silly kids!

4PA had our best week of the school year last week! The group is very excited about the watercolor tryptic we are creating. We learned about different painting techniques so kids will have the tools to show an understanding of figurative language through a visual assessment. Ask your student why I'm bring salt into class next week. So cool!!!

5PA started 2022 with creative writing fireworks. The Battle Bunny project is going extremely well. You can always tell that something good is happening in this group when they all shut their mouths and just start working right when they walk in the door. No directions, nothing, kids come in and get busy writing. I love it. We will be working on Battle Bunny all week long. 

PA and TD for the Week of 1-19

  We have a short week of school this week, but I am excited to continue the work we began after winter break. The kids came back excited to...